ArCADiasoft equals 20 years of experience in creating computer applications for the construction industry and more than 100 products for architects and engineers. Our programs range from structural design to interior and installation design to energy performance of buildings calculations to buildings’ surroundings design. ArCADiasoft is the author of the ArCADia BIM system. 


We are the largest Polish manufacturer of software for the construction industry, operating since 1997. We develop specialist software for architects, construction engineers as well as sanitary and electrical system designers. Our flagship product is the ArCADia BIM system which enables the creation of comprehensive, interdisciplinary designs of buildings and offers analysis of collisions among structural elements and installations.

Programs are sold in Poland, as well as in Austria, Croatia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Russia and Malaysia.

ArCADia 10

ArCADia 10 is our advanced product. The program looks very much like AutoCAD and the two programs don’t differ almost at all with respect to their interfaces or handling them. Additionally, in this version, all our industry-specific modules regarding architecture, construction and installations are available.

This version is intended for all the users who are used to working with AutoCAD, have a high opinion of it and are not willing to learn a new program. 

ArCADia is a program supporting 2D and 3D design. Due to its operational philosophy and the same data saving format (DWG), it closely resembles the Autocad program


Basic tools of the ArCADia BIM system:


  • This ArCADia tool enables the user to compare designs created in the ArCADia BIM system and to find the differences between them.


  • This tool allows to include multiple designs of various installations in one document.


  • The management of views and displayed information using the comprehensive Project Manager tree.
  • The automatically created 3D view is available in a separate window to allow a presentation of the entire body of the building or e.g. a part of a level.


  • Elements like walls, windows, doors, etc., are now inserted with the use of the intelligent tracking function. Read More...

ArCADia 10+

ArCADia PLUS software has all the features of the ArCADia LT and ArCADia software and, in addition, is enhanced with the following functions:

-  The option to create and fully edit ACIS solids. ACIS files are based on the block modelling format developed by Spatial Technology Inc.

-  It allows for precise work on full solids, penetration, sums, differences, etc.

-  File import and export in the SAT format.




ArCADia LT It is a user-friendly version of ArCADia 10. Its interface is based on Microsoft Windows technology. The program is very intuitive and learning how to use it doesn’t take much time.

The range of ArCADia LT’s features is very similar to this of ArCADia 10. Both programs provide the same tools.

This version is intended for all the new users who want to buy the program and immediately start working, without the necessity to learn how to use it.



ArCADia AC is an add-on to the AutoCAD software which enables the embedding and communications of the ArCADia systems base functions with the AutoCAD software.

ArCADia AC  is a special version of the system that allows to install it with the AutoCAD software