Battle of CAD Software

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BricsCAD vs AutoCAD


There is plenty to choose from when it comes to CAD software in Thailand, but which one is the best for your project? To help you decide we make this blog to compare the two renowned CAD software in Thailand i.e. BricsCAD & AutoCAD.

What is better Autodesk AutoCAD or BricsCAD? Today’s corporations need the most effective CAD Software product to continue to be competitive. In this we help you with choosing the best CAD solution in Thailand, by allowing you to evaluate Autodesk AutoCAD and BricsCAD down to the very details of their individual offers.

 Firstly let’s talk about each software separately. That should give you a clear vision of the software’s capabilities. Then, we will move on to comparing both. Knowing your project, you should also understand what tools you require for it. Do you need a blueprint or an amazing render? Get to know BricsCAD and AutoCAD and choose the best one for you.


We tell you what BricsCAD is, it is 100% compatible 2D & 3D Platform with which you can work with your drawing as exactly the same way how you use in AutoCAD.

BricsCAD is the modern CAD alternative. It is based on DWG, and it is compatible with everything you know. BricsCAD is available as a perpetual license that you can buy once and use forever.

With BricsCAD “You get More for less” which means you get more power, more features and more capabilities for a lesser price. This CAD software requires lesser hardware compared to AutoCAD. The first thing about the BricsCAD is that Native format is .DWG which is same as that of AutoCAD this means there is no transmission between the two CAD software and Data that you create in BricsCAD can be directly opened and used in AutoCAD and vice-versa.

CAD software: AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design software from Autodesk. This 3D software is reliable and very popular among architects, engineers and construction professionals. What makes AutoCAD so well known in those industries?

This 3D software is based on 2D drafting to create 3D models. AutoCAD is very precise and accurate, the drawings will always be based on mathematical measurements. Its main application is to create blueprints and floor plans. Autodesk offers specialized tool packages for different industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, and mechanical or electrical engineering.

Comparison Table: BricsCAD vs AutoCAD

Dynamic Blocks:

If you insert AutoCAD dynamic blocks into your BricsCAD drawing, you can, in most cases, edit those block instances. You cannot, however, create or edit dynamic block definitions in BricsCAD. Instead of offering dynamic block functionality, BricsCAD focuses entirely on parametrics. It allows you to create both 2D and 3D block definitions using the same set of tools and workflow.

Network Licensing:

Network licensing is available at an additional cost.

***3D MCAD Data Exchange: Activated with the additional Communicator for BricsCAD module

BricsCAD vs AutoCAD: which one should you choose?

Both CAD Software can be used in architecture and for product design. Both are also based on precise 2D drawings and have a great set of tools to make blueprints. What are the differences then?

AutoCAD is professional software that companies invest in. It is very useful for architects, engineers, mechanical and construction engineers, and electricians. It is not cheap but comes with a great set of personalized tools giving you a great number of options to choose from to create your projects.

BricsCAD is compatible, quick and Superior. BricsCAD reads and writes dwg files with complete fidelity. Time is money and you don’t need any downtime. The success of any company depends on management – Bricsys’ management is outstanding – and transparent!

 The decision might not be easy but should be based on only your choice. Here we have a short video which will inspired you to choose what matters.

CAD software in Bangkok | 2D drafting and 3D modeling | BricsCAD Thailand

Ten more great reasons why you should consider BricsCAD over AutoCAD

  1. No Training with a familiar user interface. Most AutoCAD trained users are up and running with BricsCAD® within twenty minutes.
  2. In addition to the standard interface,BricsCAD also offers some innovative new Features like ‘QUAD CURSOR’
  3. 100% native 2D/3D DWG file support. Can read, edit, and save AutoCAD files v2.5 to .DWG 2018.
  4. Built-in architectural direct modeler with SketchUp SKP import, IFC import & export, and built-in BIM database.
  5. Advanced mechanical design features such as 3D constraints, design intent, assembly modeling, kinematic analysis, and BOM. Platinum Only
  6. Built-in industry leading sheet metal design functionality. Platinum Only
  7. Extensive customization and development capabilities using LISP (vl-, vlr-, vla-, vlax-), SDS, ADS, DCL, VBA, .NET, BRX, and TX 
  8. Executes LISP faster than AutoCAD®, and unlike AutoCAD® LT, BricsCAD® Classic runs LISP! 
  9. More than 1,200 partner add-on solutions, including for AEC, civil, GIS, survey, mapping, HVAC, fire protection, landscape, structural, electrical, mechanical, and packaging design, as well as highly specialized vertical applications.