One Platform for Project Portfolio Management, Project Controls and Project Management

EcoSys is a centralized hub for all project and opportunity data. It is the only software in the industry that combines portfolio management, project controls and project management processes into one solution.

EcoSys connects organizational strategy and tactical project execution, creating a unique feedback loop that drives better decision making across the enterprise




EcoSys Solutions


Project Portfolio Management

Align organizational strategy with project delivery. Bring together critical information for unparalleled visibility into performance so you can optimize portfolios and resources. (Read More…)


Project Controls & Project Management

Automate and standardize work processes, resulting in more time spent on value-adding activities. Accurately measure progress, confidently forecast outcomes and dramatically improve performance. (Read More…)      


Specialized Solutions

EcoSys also supports specialized work processes tailored for your specific needs

  • Earned Value Management (Read More…)

  • Turnaround Management (Read More…)

EcoSys Offers Many Benefits Including:


  • Increase Predictability – Leverage unique, industry changing KPIs that account for forecast accuracy and timeliness to measure and improve predictability.
  • Drive Efficiency – Dramatically reduce reliance on Excel spreadsheets and the time consuming, error-prone processes that go with it.
  • Visibility into Performance – Utilize real-time analytics to illustrate the status of every project in every portfolio across the entire project life cycle, regardless of stage.
  • Standards-Based Flexibility – Rich out-of-the-box features tailored to user experience and business rules based on role, project size, and project type. Enabling proactive and informed decisions that reduce cost and schedule.
  • Built-in Best Practices – Utilize built-in best practices from industry leading organization, then tailor to your internal processes, avoiding custom programming and extensive setup.
  • Optimize Resources – Recognize shortfalls early and reallocate idle resources to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • (Read More…)



Overview of EcoSys Features:

  • Centralized repository for all project costs
  • Scalable for large enterprises and capital programs
  • Time-Phasing: Time-phase budgets, forecasts, estimates, and funding
  • Trend analysis and contingency
  • Define and enforce change control processes
  • Comprehensive multi-currency management
  • Industry-leading systems integration
  • Advanced formulas
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Role-based security
  • Built-in end user report builder
  • Standardized cost control structures with project-specific flexibility
  • Powerful reporting
  • Dynamically re-plan and analyze from different perspectives
  • Dashboards & Executive Visibility
  • “What-if” scenario planning & comparisons
  • Historical data & auditing
  • Rapid software implementation
  • Unlimited versioning and snapshots
  • Configurable web-based spreadsheets, forms, reports, and dashboards
  • Drill down visibility



Client: Technip


  • To standardize working processes and methods throughout the organization and meet client requirements for a robust, reliable, auditable system to support project executions and finance.
  • Integration of data for greater visibility across projects.
  • Reduce time spent on low value, labor intensive processes.


  • EcoSys was implemented to replace internally developed tools and local/regional manual processes.
  • EcoSys was selected for its change management forecasting capabilities, its powerful and flexible reporting, and its configurability which could align with Technip’s cost processes.
  • EcoSys integrates with Technip’s multiple regional solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to support individual projects or regional requirements, while allowing data to roll-up to a corporate standard for analysis at an enterprise level.
  • Project management staffs are 60% more productive and repot higher job satisfaction.
  • Engineers spend less time on slow manual tasks and more time on value added activities. Implementation of EcoSys allowed for a 51%  increase in time spent on high-value tasks. 


Client: Air Products


  • Provide visibility into planned hours and timing of resources.
  • Keep data consistent across projects and eliminate additional costs associated with mismatched information.
  • Display real-time project relevant data and associated constraints in combined field.


  • EcoSys was used for project forecasting and resource planning, as well as integrating data to provide consistency.
  • EcoSys allowed for convenient roll up of data across multiple regions and functions.
  • EcoSys was also implemented towards modeling future work, what-if scenario analysis, and work planning across regions and teams.

Key Benefits:

  • EcoSys eliminated the need for individual spreadsheets and manual consolidation by function.
  • EcoSys enabled full transparency and accountability to resource managers and project engineers.
  • Data integration through EcoSys allowed for use of actual information to make smarter decisions leading to more efficient execution and lower costs.


Client: Bechtel


  • With an enormous range of projects, Bechtel needed a project management tool to help them continue to deliver projects on budget and within schedule.
  • To effectively manage four major business lines with varied work processes.


  • Enterprise-wide deployment of EcoSys for all new projects globally.
  • EcoSys interfaces with Oracle eBusiness ERP, Intergraph SmartPlant Materials, and custom systems.

Key Benefits:

  • EcoSys provided full visibility into margin forecasts allowing for early warning of overruns.
  • Cost savings achieved through EcoSys implementation by displacing three in-house systems.
  • EcoSys implementation enabled rapid support for client requirements.


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