1. Preparation of design basis, project specification Load flow studies
  2.  Selection of HV / LV switchgear, motor control centers Selection of AC / DC UPS Selection of power / distribution transformers
  3.  Designing supply change over schemes for incomers and outgoing feeder control schemes
  4. Selection of feeder / motor / transformer protection relays, Switchyard / transformer layouts, Switchgear / MCC room layout, Battery room layouts, Cable tray / trench layouts, Earthing layouts, Cable routing layouts, Lighting (indoor / outdoor) layouts.
  5.  Lightning protection layouts, Power and control cable schedules
  6. SCADA I/O list, Electrical data input for packaged equipment
  7. Requisition / specifications for HV / LV switchgear, motor control center, MV / LV motors, power /distribution transformers, lighting / small power distribution boards, AC / DC UPS, lighting fixtures, power / control cables, cable trays, earthing materials etc
  8. Bill of quantities for bulk materials.
  9. Standard installation drawings for power system, earthing system, lighting system and cable tray ladders.
  10. Review vendor bids and issue technical bid analysis, Review vendor drawings and issue approvals for manufacturing.
  11. As-built project drawings / documentation.