AFT Training – August & September Schedule

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Applied Flow Technology offers free webinars each month. Join us for education on a variety of topics ranging from best-practices in modeling and simulation, to introductions of our products so you can see first-hand how they work.
*If you are unable to attend the live webinar, a recording will be sent to all registrants.​​​​​​

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 |  10:00 a.m. (MDT)*  |  Register Now
Looking at Gas Transients for Your AFT Arrow Models with AFT xStream
You can accomplish a lot with using AFT Arrow for compressible flow modeling in steady-state applications.  But what about when there is a sudden upset in the process where you are no longer blessed with operating at steady-state. In this webinar, you will learn about how to import an AFT Arrow model into AFT xStream in order to perform your gas transient analysis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 |  10:00 a.m. (MDT)*  |  Register Now
Pump Concepts - Back to Basics
Dust off your fluids textbook because we're going back to basics! This webinar will cover basic pump concepts often taken for granted. We will explore affinity laws, pump configured in parallel and series, basic sizing, as well as some tricks to keep all your pump options organized in AFT Fathom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 |  10:00 a.m. (MDT)*  |  Register Now
Gas Transient Analysis for Process Safety
Learn the importance of analyzing gas transients using AFT's new software, AFT xStream. Specifically, we will go through relief (safety) valve discharge and the resulting system responses and forces. We will get hands-on about how to use xStream to help comply with code and ensure safe process operation.

Training Seminars Icon   In-Person Training Class
(U.S. customers only. Please contact your local Channel Partner for your local Country)

Join us in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado to understand how you can use flow analysis software to efficiently design safe, reliable, and efficient piping and ducting systems. Learn how to calibrate a model so you can easily focus on analysis of the system as you test and compare alternatives to consider impacts to operation. Learn about waterhammer / surge analysis and how to use the data to mitigate waterhammer.

AFT provides computers, licenses, training materials, certificates of completion, and lunch. Just bring yourself and your willingness to learn how you can efficiently use AFT software to help you meet and exceed design expectations.

SUM Subscribers Non-SUM  / Lease Holders Students & Instructors
$1,000 - AFT Fathom (2 days) $1,100 - AFT Fathom (2 days) $50 - AFT Fathom (2 days)
$1,000 - AFT Arrow (2 days) $1,100 - AFT Arrow (2 days) $50 - AFT Arrow (2 days)
$1,500 - AFT Impulse (3 days)* $1,650 - AFT Impulse (3 days)* $50 - AFT Impulse (3 days)*

*AFT Impulse is an advanced class. New users will need to take AFT Fathom in addition to AFT Impulse. 

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