1. Preparation of design basis, project specification, control philosophy, instrument index instrument, elevation plan
  2. Preparation of interlock, logic diagrams, cable tray / cable trench layouts, junction box termination drawings, cable schedules, instrument hook up drawings
  3. Preparation of fire and gas drawings, cause and effect drawings, requisition and specifications for instruments.
  4. Technical bid evaluation Review of vendor package systems
  5. Sizing of control valves, orifice plates, and relief valves
  6. Preparation of bill of materials
  7. Preparation of interface drawings for DCS, PLC, SCADA and MCC, earthing layouts for system and field.
  8. 8)Preparation of FAT and SAT procedures
  9. 9)Preparation of as -built drawings and documentation


Following Instrumentation Engineering Services are provided:

  1. Preparation of Control Philosophy, Detailed Execution Drawings.
  2. Preparation of specifications and data sheets
  3. Preparation of Interlock Logic Diagrams, Instrument Index by using Smart Plant Instrumentation (INtools) software.
  4. Specifications of controls system & Field Instrument.
  5. Preparation of Junction Box Termination Drawings, Instrument Hook up Drawing, Wiring Diagrams Cable Schedule, Fire and Gas Drawings by using SPI (Intools)
  6. Preparation of Cable Tray / Cable Trench Layout Design of Plant.
  7. Updating of instrument data as per as built , upgrade of SPI database