OSIsoft has been a pioneer in Digital Transformation for over 35 years. The OSIsoft PI System has delivered an enterprise scalable infrastructure which is now deployed in over 19,000 sites globally with over 1300 published customer success cases.

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PI System


The global standard in real-time data technology

The PI System infrastructure empowers transformational change

across all areas of operation. From process efficiency to asset health

to resource management to quality to regulations, safety, security,

and beyond, a data infrastructure delivers the information foundation

you need to optimize and improve your business on an enterprise scale.

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PI System Infrastructure Offers Many Benefits Including:

  • Simplified Access to Information
  • Increased Situational Awareness
  • Empowered Users
  • Information in Context
  • Reduced IT Complexity and Cost
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PI Capabilities

The PI System contains three layers of capabilities:

PI Systems Tools  Provides highly configurable visualization and analytical tools that delivers agile, self-service, data access to users, empowering them to make data driven decisions based on real-time and historical information. (Read More…) https://www.osisoft.com/pi-system/pi-capabilities/pi-system-tools/

PI Server  designed to store millions of data points for decades. It seamlessly integrates new data into its archives as the data is received. The PI Server also adds meaningful context to millions of streams of data as they enter the system making your data easy for any user to understand and act on. (Read More…) https://www.osisoft.com/pi-system/pi-capabilities/pi-server/

PI System Connections  Connects and integrates data from different systems throughout your     enterprise. The PI System Connections seamlessly gathers data, in real-time, and delivers it to the PI Server which provides a centralized environment for users to access all your time series data. (Read More…) https://www.osisoft.com/pi-system/pi-capabilities/pi-system-connections/


Success Cases & Testimonials:

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