PTT Maintenance & Engineering  Company Limited, Thailand (GREEN-FIELD PROJECT)


Project Brief        :  Implement Engineering Document Management System with Full Integration with SPP&ID, SP3D, SPI, SPRD, SDB

                                       Interface with SAP, Maintenance, Reliability and Plant Safety

                                       Implement Collaborative Project Execution

 Toyo-Thai Corporation Thailand


Establish a common Database with PTTME and TTCL by implementing Global Work share functionality in 2 different sites (Rayong and Bangkok) to deliver Chiyoda as a Single Database for 2 different project scope (OSBL and ISBL) 

Implement Global Work share functionality by establishing TTCL as ‘Host’ and PTTME as ‘Satellite’ and provide real-time environment despite of strong security of both the companies (TTCL and PTTME)


Implement SPE with full integration of SPP&ID, SPI and SP3D

Provide training for SP3D, SPF, SPI and SPP&ID

Implement SPF Data Preparation for Handover