Client Name : TATA Project India Ltd. /  Owner : ISRO, India



  • Fatigue Analysis of TANK In Ansys Software.
  • Preparation of 3D mode
  • Elastic and transient thermal analysis of TANK.
  • Tools Used

–   Ansys



Client Name : Quality International Ltd



  • Static Equipment Design and Detailing using PV Elite
  • Preparation of GA and Fabrication drawings
  • Transportation model and drawings.
  • Mechanical Datasheet
  • Tools Used
  • PV Elite
  • PV Fabricator
  • Staad Pro
  • AutoCAD

Client Name : Koch Chemical Technology Group India Pvt. Ltd (John Zink Division)




  • Mechanical design in VVD Software as per German code AD 2000 (Quantity 3)
  • Mechanical calculation along with analysis and nozzle checking
  • Rigging analysis of reactors
  • Mechanical Datasheet for equipment
  • Equipment GA drawing with general dimensions


  • Tools Used
  • Visual Vessel Design(VVD) Software
  • Autocad

Client Name : Space-tech Equipment’s & Structural Pvt. Ltd.




  • Performing FE analysis of Gas holder.
  • Outer Shell, bottom plate/annular plate with Process Nozzles, fixed roof of Gas Holder etc. in ANSYS.
  • Calculation of loading due to piston floating deck, fluid for empty, full load cases, wind and seismic loading analysis,
  • Analysis and code qualification as per codes in specification/tender documents
  • Stress Categorization as per ASME Se VIII Div. II
  • Stress Plots, displacement plots and Stress tables,
  • Preparation of Stress Analysis Report
  • Tools Used


Client Name : Tema India Ltd.



  • 3D modeling and FEA of tube sheet with tubes and connected channel and nozzles.
  • Channel to include the threaded lock ring and channel cover.
  • Additional load acting on tube sheet due to bolted flange present on shell side of the Exchanger with tube sheet.
  • All shell side and tube side design conditions need to be applied along with nozzle loads on channel side
  • Shell Flange and 1 m length shell to bemodeled1 m length tubes to be modeled.
  • Tools Used

Client Name : Nirmal Industries Ltd.



  • Performing FFEA Analysis of Tank the following loads and load cases
  • Internal Design Pressure
  • Hydro Test Pressure
  • Internal design temperature.
  • Load case 1 (Internal Design Condition) – Internal
  • design temperature + Internal design pressure
  • Load Case 2 (Hydro Test Pressure Condition) – Internal Hydro test Pressure
  • FEA Elastic Plastic analysis as per ASME Section VIII Div. 2 Part 5


  • Tools Used

v Client Name : Renewcoils Engineering & Supply Co. Ltd



Calculation load for new nozzle as per P&ID,API 650/653 , Finite Element & WRC107

–      Design platform and Calculation load of Roof for support platform

  • Design Ladder and Calculation load for support ladder
  • Re-calculation strength for Tank.
  • Update tank dewing with Native file (AutoCAD 2007
  • Design calculation report in pdf and word format.

Tools Used

–     Nozzle pro for FEA analysis of Nozzle

  • Latest Code Excel Sheet for strength calculation
  • MS-Office
  • AutoCAD 2007
  • Staad Pro for Structural design


Client Name : TOYO Thai Corporation Limited




  • SP3D Support Customization(622 Nos),along with Intergraph Canada Team
  • Customization of Support Assemblies as per TTCL Standard
  • Customization of Support Parts as per TTCL Standard
  • Doing Programming to get BOM description as per TTCL requirement
  • Excel Sheets for prepared customized supports
  • .Customized symbols for Isometrics
  • Tools Used
  • Smart Plant 3D
  • SDB for Hangers and Supports