TANK™ is a comprehensive, easy-to-use program for the design, analysis and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 620, 650, and 653.

TANK™ provides owners, operators, and engineering firms with quick and accurate designs for new tank construction and evaluation of existing tanks.

TANK provides for the design and analysis of wall and bottom plate thickness, supported cone roofs, service and maintenance considerations, and other factors affecting tank design and safety, such as internal pressure, shell settlement, seismic and wind. TANK saves time by letting users select material information automatically from its extensive built-in material databases.

Key Features

  • Data Collection

The menu-driven interface allows for the quick definition of input and functions for the accurate analysis of oil storage tanks to API standards.

  • User Interface

The user interface presents only what is needed at each point of information gathering. You are asked for what is needed, when it is needed.

  • Analysis Options and Codes

TANK performs calculations in accordance with the latest API Standards 650 and 653. Wind, seismic, and settlement conditions can also be included.

  • Output and Reports

After completing an analysis, you can view the results in a tabular report or as a graphic diagram with associated data.

  • Material Databases

TANK has many databases integral to the package, which make it easy to select standard data for accurate analysis.

  • Quick, Context-sensitive Help

TANK’s context-sensitive help provides instant technical assistance at the point of input.


TANK™ Industries:

Chemical : Oil storage tanks have an important role: distributing energy. Just as crucial as their role is the importance of their design. Oil storage tanks are often located near populated regions, and a break in their integrity can cause significant damage to the surrounding area. With the right tools, oil storage tanks can be designed and analyzed in order to help prevent widespread damage

Equipment : The task of replacing a standing tank or designing a new one requires strict attention to safety and compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Oil tanks can fail due to irregular maintenance, improper equipment connections, and a number of other reasons. TANK™ helps you evaluate existing tanks and also design new tanks.

Piping : TANK makes it easy to design, analyze, and evaluate oil storage tanks. Whether it is the evaluation of an existing tank or creating accurate designs for a new one, TANK is a comprehensive software solution. It helps piping designers and engineers design safe connecting systems by determining accurate nozzle flexibility.

Power :TANK™, engineers in the power industry experience full oil storage tank design and analysis capabilities. From selecting wall thickness to allowable fluid heights, TANK gives you options without the "information overload." Instead, its intuitive user interface requests information as it's needed - not all at once.

Process Plant Design : To evaluate the existing equipment and see what should be added. Designing an oil storage tank is made easier through the use of TANK™ - the comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution.

Water Treatment : TANK™ is storage tank design and analysis software that is easy-to-use yet comprehensive. With the ability to make quick designs for a new storage tank as well as the capability to evaluate existing tanks

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